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Atlanta:.Dogwood blossoms along Peachtree and daffodils fill Piedmont Park. Woodsy and floral notes balanced by sweet pecans. 
Top Notes: Daffodil, Cedarwood 
Mid Notes: Dogwood, Pecan, Amber 
Base Notes: Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Musk

GeorgiaSweet as a Georgia peach. Magnolias, water lilies, and aster flowers mix with Georgia's prided peaches softened by notes of musk.Top Notes: Peach, Water Lilies
Mid Notes: Magnolia, Aster
Base Notes: Musk, Coconut Water

USA:. Tart Granny Smith apples mix with vanilla and cinnamon. From California to New York, apple pie is America's sweet tart.
Top Notes: Apple, Nutmeg, Clove 
Mid Notes: Cinnamon, Baked Crust 
Base Notes: Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Musk

New HomeFresh linen, clean air, a blank canvas all to your own. An empty house filled with possibilities and countless memories waiting to be made.

Top Notes: Jasmine, Cedarwood 
Mid Notes: Lime, Sandalwood 
Base Notes: Oakmoss, Musk 

Beach Cottage:  Salty ocean air with hot sand under foot. Afternoon tides leave driftwood, seaweed and conch shells scattered along the shore.
Top Notes: Bergamot, Sandalwood 
Mid Notes: Marine, Plumeria, Musk 
Base Notes: Sea Air, Tonka Bean, Amber

Apple Orchard: A juicy bite of a freshly picked apple means fall is here. Pie, cobbler, or cider. Your basket is full of possibilities.
Top Notes: Red Apple, Mandarin Leaf 
Mid Notes: Clove, Cinnamon Sticks, Pear Base Notes: Pomegranate, Sugar Cane 

Latkes and Lights:. Celebrating the Festival of Lights with savory latkes dipped in applesauce and sweet jelly donuts. The dreidel spins while the menorah candles burn.

Top Notes: Baked Apple, Butter, Potato

Mid Notes: Pomegranate, Pound Cake
Base Notes: Vanilla, Sugar, Musk 

Book ClubCurl up with the perfect rainy day read. Notes of warm nutmeg, amber, and sandalwood fill the room as you turn each page. 
Top Notes: Orange, Nutmeg
Mid Notes: Cinnamon, Sandalwood
Base Notes: Vanilla, Balsam, Amber

Date Night: Notes of fig, cashmere, and red currant complimented by woody patchouli to set the mood. Cozy up for a romantic night in.Top Notes: Fig, Cashmere, Red Currant
Mid Notes: Sandalwood, Lemon
Base Notes: Lily, Patchouli, Musk

Love Letters: Sweet mementos tucked away in a shoebox, piled up with polaroids. Notes of lemon and sandalwood softened by rose petals and peonies.
Top Notes: Rose Petals, Jasmine 
Mid Notes: Sandalwood, Peony 
Base Notes: Lemon, Red Plum

Spring Cleaning: Welcome spring with a fresh start. Notes of basil, lime and coriander blend with clean linens and flowers on the counter.
Top Notes: Lime, Bergamot, Clean Linen
Mid Notes: Basil, Clove Leaf, Coriander
Base Notes: Agave, Vetiver, Musk

Wildflowers: A vibrant field of blooms as far as the eye can see. Jasmine, lavender and geranium complemented by sweet peony and rose.
Top Notes: Jasmine, Geranium, Lavender
Mid Notes: Amber, Vanilla Flower, Peony
Base Notes: Rose, Magnolia, Sandalwood

Lake Living: 

Gone Hiking: Surrounded by tall pines with moss underfoot. Hints of sandalwood, jasmine and fresh waterfalls in the distance.Top Notes: Pine, Cassis, Fresh Waters
Mid Notes: Jasmine, Cedarwood, Rosebud
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Moss, Ivy

 Bride's Bouquet:Fragrant roses and jasmine complemented by green eucalyptus. A white train behind you, your partner ahead with family and friends all around.Top Notes: Scarlet Rose, Mandarin, Citron
Mid Notes: Heliotrope, Jasmine, Eucalyptus
Base Notes: Willow, Sandalwood, Vanilla

Black Tux: A handsome black tux paired with newly shined shoes. Celebrate the night with notes of brushed suede, bourbon and cigar smoke.Top Notes: Leather, Smoked Tobacco, Bergamot
Mid Notes: Brushed Suede, Dark Bourbon, Santal
Base Notes: Vetiver, Teakwood, Cashmere Musk"

The Nutcracker

The nutcracker stands guard by the crackling fire. The sugar plum fairies dance. Spicy clove and sweet vanilla wafts through the house. 

Top Notes: Cinnamon, Clove, Pecan 
Mid Notes: Sandalwood, Wintermint 
Base Notes: Ginger, Vanilla, Musk 

Married: Salty ocean air, fresh linens and a crisp glass of champagne smell like happily ever after. Unwind with notes of neroli blossom, amber and creamy musk.Top Notes: Sea Salt, Ocean Air, Lily of the Valley
Mid Notes: Peach Nectar, Champagne, Neroli
Base Notes: Driftwood, Amber Crystal, Musk

Pumpkin Picking:

Top Notes: Pumpkin, Nutmeg 
Mid Notes: Ginger, Cinnamon, Clove 
Base Notes: Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Sugar

Holiday Stroll

Twinkling lights and wild ivy cover the storefronts. Bustling boutiques, tart red currants, and mulled wine whisk you into the holiday spirit.

Top Notes: Red Currants, Sugar Plums
Mid Notes: Wild Ivy, Blackberries, Lemon
Base Notes: Winter Rose, Sandalwood

Winter Mantel

Eucalyptus and fresh spruce drape over the mantel. Holly berries and reindeer peek through the garland. It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Top Notes: Fraser Fir, Holly Berry 
Mid Notes: Eucalyptus, Mistletoe Wreath 
Base Notes: Sugar, Spruce, Cedar