Joseph Joseph JJ 20017 Twist Grater-Course & Fine-Green

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This versatile grater has been designed to adapt to different grating tasks and foods with ease. Firstly, it has two different styles of etched stainless-steel blade set either side of its grating surface. Secondly, its handle has two different grating positions for maximum convenience. With the handle locked in the straight position, it’s ideal for grating directly over plates and dishes. But when you twist and lock the handle 90° it creates a naturally sturdy shape for resting on the worktop, providing more support when grating larger quantities of food. It comes with a reversible plastic sheath that protects the blades when stored but can be flipped to allow you to collect and measure grated food. Available in two colourways and blade configurations – Coarse & Fine or Extra Coarse & Ribbon. Dishwasher safe. • Rotate and lock handle to grate larger quantities • Push button – Twist handle – Lock • Straighten handle for grating over food • Grate and measure into sheath