Yuzu Soap YS RST Multi-Use Shower Tablets (Set of 3)

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Our multi-use shower tablets are a unique way to experience an in-shower olfactory experience. Each tablet can be used for 3 average showers (with an average shower being 5 – 7 minutes). Each set includes 3 multi-use tablets and a dish. Fragrance Collection – scented with fragrance oils for an exotic, olfactory in-shower experience. Tahitian Vanilla: Warm, rich and creamy vanilla with coconut notes. Sandalwood: An invigorating blend of a warm, rich, and comforting scent. Tobacco & Bay Leaf: Fresh and clean unisex scent with earthy notes. Japanese Yuzu: Aromatic with sweet accents and bold citrus freshness. Fragrance Variety Set: Tahitian Vanilla, Sandalwood and Tobacco & Bay Leaf. Packaged in a premium, frosted macaron-style box. Great as gifts or for personal use.